The Legend of Ben Hall

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Titulo Original: The Legend of Ben Hall

Año: 2016

Duración: 0 min

País: Australia

Fecha de Estreno: 1 de Diciembre de 2016

Productora: Two Tone Pictures, Legend of Ben Hall Movie, The

Genero: Drama, Acción, Historia, Western

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After two years on the road, bushranger Ben Hall considers surrendering to the law when his old friend John Gilbert entices him back into the game. Taking on a fresh recruit John Dunn, the gang ride again, before long becoming the most wanted men in the British Empire. When they are declared outlaw, the three decide to flee the colony forever. As Ben Hall seeks to make peace with his tortured past, the their trusted friend becomes a police informant. They set a cunning trap for the outlaws, and on the cold morning of May 5th 1865, Ben Hall emerges alone from his camp... and walks into legend forever.

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