Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again

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Titulo Original: Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again

Año: 2014

Duración: 0 min

País: USA

Fecha de Estreno: 31 de Diciembre de 2014

Productora: The Weinstein Company, Nuyorican Productions, HBO

Genero: Familia, Música, Documental

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Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again offers an insight into one of the most famous entertainers in the world, combining high-energy musical performances with a raw and candid look at Lopez's personal and professional life over a defining six-month period. Special behind-the-scenes moments capture the challenge of going on her first world tour with her two young children, parents and closest friends in tow, beginning in South America and ending in Puerto Rico, where she held her first concert 11 years earlier.


Imagen 1 Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again (Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again)Imagen 2 Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again (Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again)

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